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Today I will be introducing you to NumBots and showing you how to play. Your parents/carers will have received a letter with details on how to use NumBots. Once you have put in your login details go to Play Mode and then click on Story Mode. You will then be able to play the different games and collect the coins. Once you have collected the coins for that level you should be able to move to the challenges. Don't worry, I will show you what to do today, I look forward to seeing you all. The link is below to help you.




On the zoom session we will talk to you about how we are going to teach phonics over the next few weeks.  Our school has bought a fantastic resource called Virtual Classroom. We will be using this to make sure you can learn the sounds that you would have covered in school this half term.  You need to listen carefully to find out which group you are in.  Will you be a snowy owl, a harp seal, a polar bear or an arctic fox?  smiley


Afternoon Activity

This afternoon we will be checking in to see if you managed to login to NumBots and have a go. 

We will be chatting about you Christmas holiday finding out what you did. What you ate and if you got any lovely presents. If you didn't celebrate Christmas we would still love to hear what you did.

Task-  Your task will be to draw a picture of your Christmas holidays and write a couple of sentences in your books. Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. When you have completed the task you can ask a grown up to take a photo of your work and email it to: so we can see all your wonderful work.

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