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Monday 1st February Ch 8 Lesson 3

LO: To be able to group shapes using different criteria


In this lesson we will be looking at different shapes and learning to group these shapes using colour, shapes, corners and sides. For example, grouping all the green shapes with 4 sides; this will include squares and rectangles that are green in colour. 


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 146-147


Afternoon Activities


Who has been to the North Pole?

L.O. To learn about Arctic Exploration.

In this afternoon's lesson, we'll be thinking about the North Pole and the people that have been brave enough to visit it. We will learn about why exploring the North Pole is very difficult and dangerous and we will also learn about how explorers courageously tackled this huge challenge!


Independent Activity: 

I would like you to ‘be’ Matthew Henson, put yourself in his shoes. Imagine getting to the North Pole and looking around. I want you to draw a picture of what you see and write sentences about how you feel and what it is like to be at the North Pole!

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