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Monday 8th February Ch 9 Lesson 4


LO: To be able to understand the concept of using rulers for measuring height and length.


Today we will be looking at things that will be easy to measure, like a book or a flat toy. We will show you the process of measuring a few items using a ruler. You will be able to tell the height or length of an object in centimetres. 

When you have finished the worksheets you might want to have a go at the Mind Workout.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 162-164


Afternoon Activities

L.O. To describe the Northern Lights.

During this afternoon's lesson we will be learning all about the beauty of the Arctic. There are many features of the Arctic Region that are beautiful, but one in particular that is the most unique of all: The Northern Lights. Today we will find out what they are, what they look like and how they occur!

Independent Activity

Using the image below, choose one of the templates for your Northern Lights Word Art, neatly fill it with all of the adjectives that you can think of to describe the Northern Lights and the beauty of the Arctic!

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High