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Monday 22nd February Ch 10 Lesson 1


LO: To be able to use the making 10 strategy to count numbers above 10; to be able to represent numbers on a number line.


In the new workbook we will be exploring numbers to 40. We will be counting to 40 in different ways and writing numbers to 40. Then we will be comparing numbers and looking at number patterns.


Today we will be looking at ways to count bigger numbers. We will be using a Tens Frame to help us. Do you think grouping objects into tens might help us? Would it make a difference how the items are arranged? We will find out today.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 1 - 4


Following on from our assessments, we have new phonics groups from today.

If you are unsure which group you are in please email to check.

Afternoon Activities

This afternoon we are going to introduce our new topic - Flight.

We are going to sort things that can and cannot fly, and think about what we would like to learn during this topic.

We are also going to watch an episode of Pingu in preparation for story writing tomorrow.

After the lesson your independent tasks are:

1 Draw and label three things that can fly and three things that cannot fly.

2 Write a sentence or two, to tell us what you would like to learn about flight.


Click here to watch the Pingu video.

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