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Monday 1st March Ch 10 Lesson 6


LOTo be able to observe and use number patterns; to be able to see number lines in conjunction with number squares in order to create visual proportionality.


In today's lesson, we will be looking at different ways we can figure out the missing numbers on the number chart. For example, counting on by one, counting backwards by one, looking at the vertical patterns in the numbers (increasing by 10 every time, the ones remain the same). There is a 100 square below to help you.


Independent work;

Worksheet page 17


Afternoon Activities

This afternoon we are going to read the story of 'The Blue Balloon' by Mike Inkpen.  We will think about writing a note to a friend or family member, attaching it to a balloon and letting the balloon go up into the sky to deliver the message.  Who would you write a note to?  Why? What would you say?

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