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Monday 18th



We will do this together on zoom at 9.45am.

- Ch 6 Lesson 5

LO: To be able to look for patterns with numbers up to 20, focusing on one more and one less than a number.


In this lesson you will need a Tens Frame and some counters. You can always draw the frame on your whiteboard or book and use any other objects to help you count. You will be looking at patterns in numbers and finding out what 1 more and 1 less looks like.


Independent work: Workbook pages 111-114



Afternoon Lesson - e-Safety


This afternoon we will be thinking about how we can stay safe online so that we are always having a fun time when we are using the internet. We will learn about this together on Zoom at 13:00.


During this lesson we will watch the following video. If you would like to recap the information from the video or just re-watch it at home, the link is below: 


Independent task: Your task this afternoon is to create a poster in your book to show other children what the 6 Golden Rules of e-Safety are, have fun!

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