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Monday 1st February

Monday 1st February

9:15 AM Zoom- Discussion about the next part of the story (problem), MNP lesson 5 and task setting (paragraph, Oak lesson and MNP U6L5).


This week’s spellings, the test will be on Friday, as normal:

1. determined

2. develop

3. dictionary

4, disastrous

5. embarrass

6. environment

7. equipment

8. equipped

9. especially

10. exaggerate


We will discuss how to write an exciting ‘problem’ section of our story. We will look at a model story and discuss the features- what makes a good problem?


After the session, and when you have written the next section of the story, please complete this oak academy grammar lesson. It is a revision of expanded noun phrases. This will help to improve your writing.

Maths session- MNP Lesson 5- Comparing and ordering fractions. 

My Maths Activities: 


Equivalent Fractions

Comparing Scalable Fractions

Comparing Fractions


These tasks might help you if you or stuck, or give you some extra work to have a go at if you finish your MNP workbook. 

1:30 Zoom- Mark MNP workbook, Mental Health Awareness Week discussion and yoga. 


Spanish Zoom at 2pm (different codes).

Alphabet Yoga

Five Ways to Stay Healthy (at home) 

Be Active (Video used during Zoom session) 

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High