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Monday 22nd February

9:15AM Zoom- Welcome back, discussion about the new topics, Shakespeare PPT, Maths and task setting. 


This morning's tasks:

1. Spellings- Week 6 (complete the wordsearch). 

2. Shakespeare comprehension (in your orange book, or print and write on the sheet).

3. Maths sheet- converting fractions (optional MyMaths if you finish) 


Complete a comprehension in your orange book (or print and write on the    sheet). Choose your own level of challenge: one, two or three star! 

MyMaths Tasks: 


(these have been allocated to your class already, but you can also access them below)


Introducing improper and mixed fractions

Improper and mixed fractions


Below are some revision activities: 

Comparing scalable fractions 

Introducing equivalent fractions

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