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Monday 23rd Nov


 Today's lesson is a recap of previous work.  We are comparing numbers using the words more, less, fewer and most.  After our zoom you should complete the sheet with the vehicles on it and the one with the ice creams.

If you find it tricky you can watch the lesson below to go over our previous learning.


In the class zoom we will look at the ending of the Three Pigs story.  The wolf tempts the little pig to leave his house by offering him a trip to a turnip field, then an apple tree and finally a fair.  Our English task today is to think of an alternative idea for the wolf.  Use your imagination to think about what you would you might say to the pig to get him to leave his safe home. Record your best idea on the sheet in your pack (Fee! Fi! Fo! Fum! What Happened Next?).  I'm already looking forward to reading your amazing ideas. smiley


This afternoon we are going to continue with our History topic 'Toys'.  After our zoom you should watch the video lesson by clicking on the link below.  There are times during the lesson that you are asked to write down answers, but it doesn't matter if you can't do that, just say your answers to your grown up as the lesson plays.  Then at the end of the lesson take the quiz to see if you have remembered the most important information.  You will notice that this lesson links with our science work on materials.

After the lesson talk to your grown up about what their favourite toys were when they were your age.

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