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Monday 23rd November

Monday 23rd November

Good morning everyone! It is the start of a new week. Thank you to those that have joined us on Zoom. We appreciate all your support. Everything from today's Zoom's can be found below along with the home learning tasks for today.


Welcome, register and song whilst everyone joins -



New sound 'ow’ ‘blow the snow?’ -remember they are special friends. Two letters, one sound! 

Speedy write. Have a try writing the 'ow’ sound and previously taught sounds.

Look through green words (featuring ow). Sound words out.  Powerpoint attached. 

Say the word, listen carefully and write it. Listen carefully and think what sounds you can hear? Powerpoint attached. First four words only today.

Geraldine the Giraffe 'ow’  - 


Home learning morning task ...

See powerpoint for step by step guide to today's task.


1. Look at the alphabet photograph. Can you spot any familiar characters? Can you say/sing the alphabet to your grown-up?

2. Find your alphabet grid in your home learning pack. Have a think what items in your house begin with a... a, b, c, d ...etc. Fill in the grid with pictures of what you find. 

3. Look at the video - did you find anything similar?  - 


Welcome, register and counting song whilst everyone enters Zoom -


 Introduce our number for this week. 

Numberblocks - Number 9 - 

Ways to make number 9.... Powerpoint attached. 

Bingo on Zoom !!!!

Home learning task for the afternoon...

Find me 9 things in your house and draw them. 

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High