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Monday 25th


Monday 25th January Ch 7 Lesson 5


LO: To be able to subtract by subtracting from only the ones column.


In this lesson you will need some counters or anything else to count with. In today’s lesson is we will be breaking apart a number so that you only need to subtract the ones: for example; 16-4=

16 becomes 10 and 6, 6 – 4 is 2, therefore 16 – 4 is 12


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 130-132

Afternoon Activities

This afternoon we are going to look at fact files.  How is a fact file different from other types of writing?

You will then choose an Arctic animal to research and write your own fact file.  You can use one of the links below for your research if you wish. You will also find the lesson Powerpoint below too.

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