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Monday 8th February

Welcome to Monday!

We hope you have had a lovely weekend and you're ready for a new week of learning laugh.


Please see below for your activities for today.


Today we are going to be continuing to look at rhyming words. We will start by reading the story 'Stop Telling Fibs' together on zoom and then we will play  'Finding the Rhyme.' You can find the link to the game below. 

Your activity is to have a go at finding all the rhymes in the picture posted below. You can check if you have found all the rhymes using the checklist, which is also posted below.


After you have found all the rhymes, have a go at making your own rhyming pairs, for example... cat and hat, pear and bear. Draw pictures of your rhyming pairs to send through to our nursery email,

Find the Rhyme Pictures

Find the Rhyme Checklist

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