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Rescue Dog to Reading Dog

Linaker Primary School children have been enthralled with Lenny’s story. They have followed his story from reading in the newspaper a request from the RSPCA and Lenny, for a new home.

Lisa Brown, headteacher, and her family adopted Lenny in October.  He has settled in well as part of the family in his ‘forever home!’

Since then he has also become a celebrity at the school. The children love to hear his stories and his adventures.

More recently the children have adopted Lenny as their reading dog.

Lenny motivates the children to read and is an integral part of the ongoing reading challenge, at the school, for reception, year 1 and year 2 children.

One of the rewards for reading a set number of books is a special afternoon tea with Lenny. The highlight of the event is receiving their certificates from Lenny.

Ofsted November 2015 states that “the children love to read!”

Lenny barks “he is very proud and loves to get the children reading.”

Mrs Brown Headteacher says “the addition of a reading dog in school has had a positive impact on standards of reading. Lenny has got even the more reluctant readers interested and sharing books at  home.”

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