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Welcome to Nursery Class 



Welcome to the Nursery class page.  Photographs and information will be posted here regularly.

Session times:

  • 8.45am - 11.45am.  Morning pupils.
  • 12.15pm - 3.15pm.  Afternoon pupils.

Fulltime pupils will stay for a packed or school meal.


Staff: Ms Fraser, Mrs Davis, Mrs Sutcliffe and Mrs Worthington (Wednesday mornings) all work with the Nursery pupils and are available at the end of session if you have any queries or news. 


Rucksacks: Please could the children keep a change of clothes, water bottle and, in hot weather, sun cream in their bags.


Snack: this costs £1 per week, please pay on a Monday.  The children have toast, crackers, cheese spread, fruit and a selection of 'new tastes' during the week.  They choose water or milk to drink. 

The pupils all wash or sanitise their hands before eating and are encouraged to say, "Please" and "Thank you".  


The session routine: Children will put their name tag in the pot then sit at the carpet for either song and music time or yoga. After this, carpet time will focus on a theme for the week; a number, story or feelings.  Next the children will work with an adult or have a task to complete inside or outdoors.  After snack time, they will return to their challenges before meeting on the carpet for a whole group teacher led activity. 


The children are learning that a hand up means they STOP, so they can LISTEN to instructions. Every time the children are seen to be engaged, helping each other, tidying up or listening carefully, they put a piece of pasta in the jar to fill it up for a lovely reward. 



Early Years FLOURISH Curriculum

Please return your child's library book every Wednesday. Read the Rainbow challenge. Each week, when the library book is returned, please ensure that the Reading Record is signed to allow for a point on the rainbow. For each 5 points, the children receive a certificate!

September Newsletter

Autumn 1 Knowledge Organiser

Spring Term 2024.

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to Nursery Class and a big Hello to new pupils starting over the next few weeks. Please  continue to recommend our Nursery to friends and family, we love showing people round as our Nursery grows and evolves. 

Please prepare your children for return to school; chatting about what they are looking forward to, wondering what may have changed and being excited about it (lots of new equipment and a different layout) and starting to return to those daily and bedtime routines. 

Nursery Team are really looking forward to seeing everyone again. 

Spring Newsletter

Week beginning 5th February

What an exciting week!  Children will be working on investigating and celebrating Chinese New Year during the week.  All their work will culminate in Flourish day on Friday, with Reception pupils, where children will take part in Dragon dances, a Chinese banquet and create red envelopes.

Children are invited to come in red clothes or traditional dress (please be aware it may get stained with paint or glue).

The dragon dance for parents will take place at 11.45, performed by the morning pupils, and at 3.15pm by the full time and afternoon pupils. 


Dental hygiene is a focus this term.

A morning of maths with parents visiting to work alongside their children

Creating dragon heads

Week beginning 22nd January.

Toothbrushing activities created great excitement last week! The children will be in groups to brush their teeth once per day using their labelled brushes. This is a great opportunity to reinforce learning at home.  Work will continue on The Bear Snores On, looking at sequencing in a storyboard.  The children will also make popcorn (this occurs in the book), talk about the irreversible change of the corn and use the vocabulary of popping corn as they vote for their favourite; sweet or salty. Again, this would be a great activity to undertake at home and encourage the use of full sentences rather than phrases ie: develop 'it goes pop' to 'I can hear it go pop'. 

Nursery are looking to introduce weekly stay and play for 20-30 minutes one morning a week, looking at how children develop learning through various areas, methods, questioning etc.  This will reinforce how Nursery work with children, using different groups each week. We are thinking about how to use the outdoors for the first session and hope that parents will be able to stay with afternoon parents having the same opportunity in the afternoon.  Please let us know if you have any ideas you would like us to explore. 

Week beginning 15th January.

After an exciting first week, exploring the new setting and resources, Nursery class will settle down to their more usual routines.  Work will begin on the class book looking at hibernation and developing learning on animals that hibernate during colder seasons.  Children will continue their role play in the dentist surgery and this will lead to the self management learning around toothbrushing. Each child will have their own toothbrush and guard.  They will take part in one toothbrushing session per day with additional work around healthy eating and drinking.  Physical activity is built in every day but two sessions per week with focus on gymnastics; rolls, safe landings, heights and jumps.  Numeracy will focus on shapes this week, please reinforce this at home, finding squares, triangles, rectangles and circles.  

We created a den for the hibernating bear in the text, 'The Bear Snores On'. Inside (complete with sound effects) was a sleeping bear plus several children at any one time. Children carried out a science experiment using two identical water bottles with hot water. One was wrapped in fur, the other left. Children were able to discuss that having a cover kept the water bottle (bear) warmer. The children also retold the story using characters.

The children made beautiful ice pictures in the cold weather, using a selection of found natural objects. Sadly the temperature rose but the children were able to talk about how the ice melted as it got warmer.

Locating the capital letter that starts their name. The children very quickly were adding other children's name letters just for fun!


A costume parade for fire and ice kings and queens was a perfect wet morning activity.

The children are engaged with so many activities each day.

Week beginning 8th January 2024

First week back will a period of settling back into routines with an exciting new setting layout.  Children will look to develop their own rules for looking after the resources, tidying away and treating our setting with respect.

Self management will focus on dental care and toothbrushing, the role play area will become a dentist surgery.  Pupils will further work on mark making having meaning; the initial letter of their name leading to their whole name. Daily practise will focus on this plus the initial sounds. 

The outdoor environment has changed since the autumn, children will be exploring these changes and looking for signs of spring.  Further interest will be looking at animals that hibernate. 

Inspirational People - Julia Donaldson

Whole class drawing - Room on the Broom

Assembling stools

Colourwash family pictures

Found natural objects

Nature mark making

Autumn 2

Dates and arrangements for Nursery Christmas celebration and Nativity

Week beginning 18th December.

Nearly there! The Nursery children will be performing at 10.45am on Monday 18th.  Please could all pupils be in school for 10.30am. 

There will be Grotto visits on  Friday 22nd for the Nursery children and Christmas parties. 

The continuous provision will focus on activities that enable teachers to make assessments based on the Development Matters goals and to support areas where pupils would benefit from 1:1 activities. 

Nativity Performance

Father Christmas visits!

Role play

Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers

Working together

Week beginning 4th December.

An exciting week as the countdown to Christmas begins, I wonder what messages the Elf will bring this week!  Children will be reading a range of Christmas themed books, creating icy pictures and, our favourite, working out how to release the 'creatures' from the icy waters. 

Letters to Santa will be written and, fingers crossed, replies received. Lots of maths activities for counting presents, baubles and weighing challenges too. Don't forget to sign and return the library books - there are a number of children who should have a certificate this week!

Outdoor disco

Mark making

Den making

Decorating the tree

Outdoor art

Posting letters to Santa at the Christmas Post Office

Week beginning 27th November. 

'The Tree that's meant to be' by Yuval Zommer is a beautifully illustrated book that explores a fir tree being different and lonely yet important to others. Children will investigate these themes through talk and play. Developing independence runs throughout a child's time in nursery and pupils will take more control over choosing and serving themselves snack.  As the Puppet Theatre was packed away, the children decided they wanted to create a Christmas Present Wrapping Shop! They will design and print their own cards, gift tags and wrapping paper, create colourful stockings and then stock their shop ready for the excited customers. 

Christmas has officially begun!

Creating a pictogram of our favourite winter weather

A very popular indoor sandpit.

Becoming more independent at snack time.

Moments in time.

The children took an ipad and explored the school grounds taking photographs of frosty weather. These were turned into a book with children annotating the images. There are some very talented photographers in nursery.

Week beginning 20th November. 

The owls have flown away as the wintry weather draws in.  Children will be looking at cold, wet weather and investigating materials to keep teddy warm and dry. 

Don't forget to the sign the reading record for the library books so that each child can work towards their reading certificates. 

Children are working on developing independence; putting on coats, shoes, gloves and hats. This week, children will be making their own wraps; choosing ingredients and rolling them up. 

Buffet snack, choosing our own food.

Creating our own obstacle course to investigate going UNDER.

Making modelling play families.

Matching cold weather wear.

Squeezy bottle mark making.

After reading the fantastic story, This is Not a Stick, the children ran wild with their sticks and imaginations.

Where is the plane going?

Under and over trains.

What else have we been doing?


We hope you have had a relaxing half term.  Learning will be focused around the book 'WOW said the Owl' by Tim Hopgood.  A curious owl decides to stay up in the daytime and discovers a world of colour. Children will be exploring the differences between day and night, nocturnal creatures and bedtimes.  Pupils will explore colour and movement in a study of fireworks.  Diwali will be celebrated in dance and creative experiences.

The nursery setting has had a shuffle round with learning areas refocused.  In preparation, please chat with your child about how exciting it will be to see the new resources and how the learning zones have changed. 


Week beginning 30th October

This week, pupils will be introduced to the focus text and begin to explore the dark spaces created in the classroom.  They will create small world settings with a focus on woodland with outdoor experiences of den building.  The children will prepare the outdoor planted area for winter and pot new plants. 

Week beginning 13th November.

We are looking forward to performing our Diwali dance on Monday 13th November at 11.15am and 3.05pm.  Children have been listening to the Rama and Sita story and creating diva lamps to light their journey home. 

Over the week, pupils will be exploring night and day, the moon and sun.  

Construction - dens for woodland creatures.

Working together

Visit from Pudsey

Chopping the pumpkin

Windy weather

Water challenge

Icing Pudsey biscuits and counting out the sweets.

6th November. Peeling oranges.

How exciting! Pupils went to the secret garden to watch the road works and talk about the different machines, Back in the outside area, children worked together to build a steam roller and street sweeper.

Preparing the garden for winter, tidying up and planting.

Dressing up in warm clothing - getting dressed races!

Autumn activities

Working on balance

Edible sparklers

In the dark...

Creating Diva lamps for Diwali

Week beginning 16th October.

What an exciting week! On Monday, Nursery will be taking part in the Pearl of Africa Children's Choir workshops; dancing, singing and drumming. Children will be continuing to explore the needs of a baby in their (very popular) baby clinic. On Wednesday,  the school photos will be taken.  Don't forget that Thursday is the last day of the half term for pupils.  Have a wonderful and relaxing break. 

Pearl of Africa Children's Choir workshops

Fiddly finds

Week beginning 9th October.

Rhyme of the week is 'Two little eyes' which the children will learn and perform, supporting work on naming body parts and counting.  The Autumn 1 text, 'Happy to me' also looks at body parts, emotions and senses; this week it is the sense of smell as a focus. If you are cooking or gardening, encourage your child to 'have a smell' and describe. 

Children have been working in the baby clinic; weighing babies, looking after their needs or having vaccinations.  They are very excited for the potential visit of a real live baby where the children will learn all about baby care. 

Please don't forget to send in a baby picture for our sequencing work. 

After deciding they wanted to have a fast food restaurant in the outside area, maths was based around making burgers for 1, 2 or 3 friends.

Drawing large shapes - circles.

Constructing and creating.

Learning through play.

Rainy day art.

What shall we do with a box? Find a cushion and read in it!

Secret garden sensory walk - touch.

Please share this Open Evening flyer with friends or family who will have an Early Years aged child next September. Everyone is welcome to come along, meet the teachers and explore the Early Years environment.

Week beginning 2nd October

Rhyme of the week is Five Little Ducks, children will be singing and acting out the rhyme. The role play area will focus on a baby clinic, if there are baby siblings, please share the routine you have and chat about what a baby needs.  Children will be looking at a broad range of books and making choices, then they will discuss what drew them to a particular book, what they think it's about and if they like it. All through the week, children will be looking at similarities and differences between themselves and peers, please encourage your child to talk about what makes them different e.g; hair colour, family setup, pets, favourite colour etc. 

Exploring the natural world.

Creating a big hug display from handprints.

A selection of mark making tasks.

A squirrel was spotted on the fence, to great excitement. The children designed squirrel obstacle courses in the design and build area, made squirrel food, a squirrel house and looked at a range of books about squirrels. One chap also designed and created (with help from a grown up with sharp scissors) a squirrel feeder. The motion activated camera will be going outside for further adventures!

What a busy week it has been!

Week beginning 25th September. 

This week, building on previous work, the children will be exploring emotions based on the book, 'Happy to be me'. They will talk about what to do if they feel sad or cross and share ideas for why they may feel like this eg; poorly, tired, not wanting to share etc. 

'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' and Simple Simon will be the basis of movement and also the work on naming body parts eg; eyes can see, blink and wink.

If families are out and about in the parks at the moment, perhaps the children would like to collect conkers, colourful leaves etc for our nature area. 

Don't forget that Library books are due back on Wednesday. 

Happy to be me

Week beginning 18th September 2023.


This week children will be working on the book, 'Happy to be me', exploring their likes and dislikes and favourites. If able, please send in a photo of parent/carer and child for the 'mini-me' gallery.  Nursery staff will take a photo at pick up times if families are not able to send in a photo. 

Children will be exploring senses through a range of activities, starting with making fruit kebabs and dancing to music from different cultures. Pattern is the focus this week, creating repeat patterns using a range of resources, also recognising 3 without having to count the items. 

It would be great if families can support the activities this week with games, reading or chatting at home. 


Children will be bringing a library book home this week, please encourage your child to chat about the images, open the book and 'read' from left to right. 

Week beginning 18th September. From cutting fruit to make kebabs to cutting hair in a thriving salon, the children have been exploring new experiences and tastes.

Activities in week 2 have included making choices on Democracy day, celebrating Monkey's 3rd birthday, working together to make a fire engine to put out the fire plus balance and jump in physical activity.