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World Book Day: Thursday 7th March 2019


This year our theme for World Book Day was...


We started our morning and afternoon sessions by listening to the story and joining in with the repeated refrains. Then, throughout the day the children enjoyed taking part in various 'Bear Hunt' activities.

Retelling the story using a giant story map.

We really enjoyed the 'Thick, oozy, mud' (Chocolate spread) on toast. Mmm!!!

Some children drew their own story maps...

Whilst others re-enacted the story in the 'Small World Area'

We even practised using positional language when playing 'Where's Teddy?

Finally, we ended our day with a Bear Hunt in the Nursery garden.

Active learners are healthy learners!! We can climb, ride, jump, slide, balance and lots more!

Chinese New Year. Alfie and Zoe's dads made us real Chinese food for our Chinese restaurant. It was yummy! We made some pretend noodles and rice too.

Imagination is a wonderful thing! Our 'flying rainbow machine'! Countries from around the world rang us up and we found them on the globe and then we flew our 'Rainbow Machine' to make a rainbow for them. Lots of 'loose parts' play.

Winter! We made interesting ice blocks.

We learned about 'Stranger Danger' from our friendly Community Police Officers. We enjoyed trying on the police uniforms!

Finley brought his guinea pigs, Bubble and Squeak, in to visit us. We have been learning about 'Pets'.

We went to London on our Nursery train.

We visited Dovehaven Rest Home to sing Christmas songs to the lovely ladies and gentlemen. We made them smile!

We loved doing our Christmas Show for our families!

Diwali. We dressed up and danced to Indian music. We watched videos of how to make Indian sweets. We wrote the instructions while we watched and then made some ourselves. We opened our own Diwali sweet shop and made 'Rangoli' patterns with coloured rice.

Ahoy there me hearties!!

Bonfire Night. We had our own 'pretend' bonfire in Nursery and listened to Handel's 'Music for the Royal Fireworks'. We painted our own pictures while we listened to the music.

After reading 'Owl Babies', we got to meet some REAL owls when they visited us at school.

Making our own 'autumn colours' with mud and soil!

Autumn Walk to look for 'Signs of Autumn'.

Mrs. Ambrose drinks 'lemony water'! We wanted to make our own!

Exploring Autumn!

Who is living in our Nursery Garden?

Windy days are fun!

Awe and Wonder!! Let's investigate what we have grown! Beans galore!

Yearly Planning Overview for Nursery

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