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Hello Nursery and welcome to our Home Learning Page.


We want to help you to enjoy the time you need to spend away from school and to also continue learning.

We will add to the home learning page regularly with ideas and suggestions.

Take care of yourselves, be kind and look after your families and we will hopefully see you soon.

It’s a perfect time to read a story together, play games and enjoy quality time together, doing things that make you happy.

Try and stay active, you can design and build an obstacle course and time yourself completing it. You can do a daily workout with Joe Wicks by clicking here for his You Tube channel.


You can continue with our theme on growing by planting some seeds or beans and watch the roots grow. You can draw a picture and write what you did and bring it to nursery for show and tell when we return.

You can measure everyone in your family, draw pictures and find out who is the biggest and the smallest.

You can continue with observational drawings of flowers and plants you see in your home, garden and around the environment. I look forward to seeing them.


Some fun science activities can be found on -

Science Kids

Easy Science Experiments

Sciencebob Experiments


This is a perfect time to use our Linaker values of Teamwork, Resilience, Responsibility and Community.

If you have any questions then email us at




Summer 2 (1/6/20)

Hello Nursery children.

I hope you are all keeping safe and having fun.

It’s been lovely to see you all on Zoom.

I hope you all had a good half term.

Welcome to our Summer 2 topic ‘It’s Hot’.

Here are some activities you might like to try.

Can you draw or paint a Summer picture ?

You can design some summer clothes, hats or sunglasses.

Don’t forget to send your pictures to

Look out for signs of wildlife and go on a Summer scavenger hunt

(remembering to keep social distance) you could collect some leaves

and twigs . Draw pictures of what you saw and make a collage of

the items you collected.

You can use your toys or objects to practise counting on.

Start with five toys/objects and then add some more. Count how many

toys/objects you have altogether.

Explore sharing items. Count out some coins, buttons or toys. Share them

between a grown-up and keep some for yourself. How many does each

person have? How many are there altogether?   

Here are some other activities you could do.

Welcome to the new school term (added 20-4-20)

Hello Nursery. We hope you had a lovely Easter break. Below are some new activities on shapes and the summer topic of animals, starting with pets.

One Week On - Hello Nursery,

I hope you had a good week. The clocks went forward on Sunday giving us an extra hour of sunlight. Enjoy time with your family and keep happy doing fun things that you enjoy. Fun and simple ideas that promote play and learning can be found here at the Learning 4 Kids website.  Go Noodle is a another great online resource which gets children moving with short interactive activities. Free songs and resources can be found at Out of the ArkI have also added  some dot to dot and colour by number to support numeral recognition. Also some question cards for conversation to support communication and language skills and some many chicks challenge cards.


One further thing to try - a fantastic Facebook video to help you draw some animals. (Click here to watch)

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