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The Linaker Seedlings Nursery Team:

Miss. Brookfield (Teacher-currently on maternity leave)

Miss. Critchlow (Teacher)

Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Hatton (Teaching Assistants)

Welcome to Linaker Seedlings Nursery.

We are a happy, thriving, busy and friendly Nursery where our staff will welcome your child and endeavour to make him or her feel safe, secure and eager to come and 'play' every day.

Your child's 'play' is planned carefully by the staff to nurture their enthusiasm for learning, to enhance knowledge and skills and to help provide the foundation for all their future learning.


The PowerPoint below will briefly explain the Early Years Foundation Curriculum and will show you, with photographs, the kinds of activities that your child will be taking part in as they enjoy their days at Linaker Seedlings Nursery.


Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High