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Our Lockdown Experiences

Maison's thoughts about lockdown. We miss our Linaker family too.

A fabulous piece of work!

Thank you for your wise words Tylor.

Neve's detailed explanation and a super insight into how she is keeping on top of her learning.

Umiza's week by week diary. She is keeping busy and helping her family - well done!

Thank you Josh, good to hear you are keeping fit and healthy.

Thank you for your fabulous poem Kyle. I imagine there are many unusual haircuts at the moment!

Thank you Hazel, we are all looking forward to being back in school.

Thank you Ethan for your thoughts.

Sienna has made a time capsule for future generations to read about life in lockdown.

Experiences of one family. Thank you for sharing.

Niamh's top tips.

A very thoughtful piece of writing, thank you Jamie.

An amazing 3d representation from Luca.

Well done Sam, a lovely colourful straight to the point representation.

Thank you for your reflections on lockdown Zano.

Thank you Lukas, I think we would all like to be back in school.

Thank you Sofia, it looks like you had a wonderful VE Day celebration.

Thanks Johann, I am sure your aunts were delighted with their cards.

Lovely poems from Alice and Sean.

Thank you Flynn, the water fight looks like great fun!

Thoughtful work Savanna.

An interesting perspective from Bosco.

Lovely work Phoenix! Thank you.

Riley has enjoyed a variety of activities!

Caiden had his birthday during lockdown.

A lovely reflection from Bronson. Thank you.

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High