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Ourselves- Autumn 1


We have had some lovely visitors in Reception this half term...

As part of our topic 'Ourselves', we have been thinking about how we grow, develop and change as we get older. We have had two lots of visitors, a little baby and a toddler. We were able to ask Cruz and Phoebe's mummy's all about their younger siblings. We asked questions such as; 'what does the baby eat?', 'Does it like toys?', 'Can the baby use the toilet?'... and many more!


Say 'hello' to Bob, our rare caterpillar...

Imagine their surprise when Mrs. Warren and some of our Reception children found an enormous caterpillar crawling through our Outdoor Learning Area!

Mrs. Ambrose and some of the children used the internet to try and identify it but couldn't find a match. Eventually, one of our parents identified it and we were shocked even more!

It turned out to be a rare Goat Moth Caterpillar which is usually found on the South Coast and Areas of Wales and Scotland...….NOT Southport!

 It turns out that 'Bob' has been living inside our willow arbour for 4 years growing to 10cm and has now come out to find a place to bury himself for the winter. 

We have made him a temporary home and have been in contact with the British Moth and Butterfly Association to gain more advice.

We are going to make him a small home in a container with some soil and wood chippings, then bury him just under the soil in one of our planters. Hopefully in the spring he will have pupated and will emerge as an enormous Goat Moth, the largest in the British Isles!

Observing the caterpillar


As you can see, the children have been captivated by him and so our focus  for the last couple of weeks has turned to caterpillars, the children taking part in a range of activities based on caterpillars. 

It has been a truly exciting discovery for the children and the staff. Even the local newspaper has been involved!



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