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Physical Education

Physical Education

In the summer term Miss Boyle's class are learning about gymnastics.


First we started by balancing on different body parts on the floor and mats. The next lesson we began practising balancing at different heights. We used mats, a bench, a small/low box and a higher box. At the end of the lesson we showcased some of our balances and disscussed what we noticed about the balances we could complete at different heights.


We noticed... The adventurous balances that we could do on the mats were a lot trickier on the higher apparatus. Take a look at some of our balances.

 The next lesson we revisited some of our favourite balances and then tried to mirror each other performing them. Have a look at some of our partner balances.


Next we learnt about jumping. We spoke about bending our knees before taking off and then again when we landed. Whilst we were in the air we made different shapes with our bodies.


We tried star jumps, tuck jumps, pike jumps, straddle jumps and some of us even tried doing half and full turns in the air.


Kayleigh said "It's easier on the higher equipment."

Jamie agreed, he said "It's because you have longer in the air."

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