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We created 'warm' and 'sinister' poems using our favourite language from the book. Can you guess which is which?



Dark as midnight,

a loud noise made the world tremble,

a soft- voiced warning,

filled the world with wildness,

eyes in the forest, watching, waiting,

teeth like daggers,

nose like coal,


By Evie Mae


The wind sang a soft song

high above the tree tops

towards the emerald light

the evening sun kissed her face

listening to the bird song and the sound of the greenwood

golden leaves turned together in a spiral dance.


By Adrija


Into the amber eyes of the wolf

nose as black as coal

great ears, the better to hear her call

sharp teeth like daggers

a low growl that made the earth tremble.


By Liam



Dark as midnight

the wild wood held its breath, waiting

eyes in the forest, watch, waiting

sharp teeth like daggers

nose black as coal

a low growl that made the earth tremble.


By Shaun

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