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Poetry for Beginners

This week, the class have been reading and performing the work of other poets and then using those models as patterns for their own works. We wanted to share some of the highlights with you, so below are 5 poems that are based on 'Genius' by Martin Glynn. 


Super Gamer by Scott


I am a massive X-box Gamer.

When I play I am RESPONSIBLE.

I can be good at games but


My games make you laugh sometimes,

Some of them are ACCEPTABLE.

I'll drag mum round the game aisle,

All are very ACHIEVABLE.

I like games that are ACTION -able!


Football by Ritchie


I am a football superstar.

In goal I am NOTICEABLE -

My skills are just ADMIRABLE!

My managers are AGREEABLE,

But my dive to the left is HORRIBLE.

When in goal I am so RELIABLE.

Me and my team in our kit look ADORABLE!

The score is always PREDICTABLE,

My team is so DE-PEN-DA-BLE!




My Brother by Natalie


My brother, Sam, isn't half strange,

Some say he's quite ADORABLE -

But he's only TOLERABLE!

When he's happy, he's LOVABLE.

He makes me laugh sometimes,

But he isn't half DESTRUCTABLE!

He'll send you round and round the bend,

He plays pirates and likes to pretend,

But sometimes he's ABOMINABLE!!!



Modelling Make-Up by Leah


Make up is so ACHIEVABLE

And ever so ADORABLE.

It's always put on WASHABLE,


How good you are is DEPENDABLE, 

You'll never beat me, I'm UNBEATABLE!

You can try and try and try again

But I'm telling you, I'm IMMOVABLE!


                                                                         The way you look just PASSABLE.

                                                                         Just sit down and get COMFORTABLE -

                                                                         I'm sure I'm always TRUSTABLE.

                                                                         Let's make you more AGREEABLE!


All about me by Abdou


I am a considerable child,

Lurking with a terrible teacher.

I am a changeable child -

You can trust me, I'm a dependable child.

I am kind of dreadful.

I think I'm kind of special,

I like colour because I'm cheerful.

I like fashionable clothes because I'm wonderful.

And I like cheese because I'm GRATE-ful!!



Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High