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Positive Footprints Aspiration Programme

Year 6 are taking part in the primary school programme  all about raising aspirations and opening up the world of work. It shows children what careers are out there and the skills they’ll need to leave a positive footprint wherever they go in life.

It’s also about building their self-belief, their resilience, recognising their qualities and how they could be used in the workplace.

The children will complete three modules which will identify and develop positive traits, explore career choices by taking part in a virtual careers day and make aspirational choices. 

Paired activities were in each module, the children wore blindfolds and carried out a variety of tasks such as building the tallest tower, drawing a self portrait or making a cup and saucer out of plasticine.

Team leader!

Positive language

Overcoming obstacles

My dream job

Turning our qualities into quality sweets


Mt dream bubble and goal setting

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