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We are Presenters

During Science Week we made short videos in which you told us what jobs you would like to do when you are older and how you would use Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths. You prepared a short script of the things you wanted to say and you tried to sit still, engage your audience and speak clearly so that you could be heard.


You can take the opportunity for home learning to look into the role of presenters further. Although the sports season in every sport has been stopped for safety reasons, it would still be possible to see clips online eg on bbc iPlayer or old episodes of Match of the Day. You could also look a programme of any type where there is a narrator. You could even use our Scientist of the Week David Attenborough as an example



Whilst watching your programme look at the different camera techniques used, how the presenter talks, any extra information given eg scores, graphics of passing etc and list your observations. Are there any key phrases used or does the presenter look at the camera in a particular way?


At the end 

Look at the large number of people who make and distribute a TV programme - look at the list of credits at the end. Pick some of the roles and try to find out more about them.

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