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Punctuation and Grammar

Click on the stars below to find different grammar activitieClick on the stars below to find different grammar activities



This weeks grammar activities are all about homographs. A homograph is a word that is spelt the same but has different meanings, for example;

The wind blew through the trees.

I had to wind the wool around the bobbin.

try some of the activities below.



This week there are some activities on homophones for you to try. A homophone can be two or more words that have the same sound when you say them but have different meanings and spellings, for example; pair, like a pair of socks and pear, a fruit you can eat. There is a powerpoint to help you first then try the worksheets below especially the ones on 

to, too, and two

there, their and they're.

Click on the Homophone star below to find the activities.


29.06.20 This week there are some activities on Adverbs for you to try. Use the powerpoint to refresh your memory first. Adverbs are words that describe the verb, an adjective or another adverb and answers the questions;


how often?


how much? 


A verb is an action word, like jumping, shouting, skipping, laughing etc. The adverb can describe how the verb is done, for example; the children were laughing loudly. I ran quickly. 


Go the the Adverb star below for the activities you can try at home.



22.06.20 This week there are some activities on synonyms and antonyms and conjunctions for you to try. Have a go first and then check your answers.


New ones this week 15.06.20- prepositions, sentence types and fronted adverbials.

Sentence types

There are some sheets below for you to try. Do you know if the sentence is a command, question, statement or exclamation? Try the sheets below and check your answers when you have finished.

Punctuation and Grammar

I have tried to find some activities that you can print out and do on paper rather than on the computer. One of the fun activities I have found is an Escape Room Challenge. These are often quite difficult to do so if there is anyone else in the house then ask for their help - there are answers too. Maybe you can compete and time how long it takes you to escape.



Grammar terms and quizzes

During Year 3 we look at different parts of grammar and how we can add them to make our sentences more interesting. This has included grammar features like expanded noun phrases, prepositions, conjunctions and adverbs. 


BBC Bitesize has lots of links with examples and a quiz for you to test yourself.

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