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Home learning RDA

Hi everybody. Well here we are again ready for our 'zoom' lessons but this time it's in June and the sun is shining! At least it's only for a few days and then we can get back to school!

Below are the lessons that will be/have been taught every day.

Let's get busy!!

Mrs. Ambrose.  smiley


Friday, 2nd July


Watched 'Pete the Cat Rocking My School Shoes'.

RWI read 'air' video

Game: Identify pictures with 'air' sound and write the word.-chair/hair/stairs/fairy/pair

Task: draw pictures of Big Bad Wolf and Red Riding Hood and label them.






Thursday, 1st July


Geraldine Giraffe video-finding 'or' things around the house.

RWI Read 'or' video.

Write 'or' words. look at the pictures and write the word. born, storm, corn, torn, thorn.

Task: choose 2 of the 'or' words that you have written and write a sentence with it in. don't forget a full stop.



Number bonds to 10. Subitising counters.

White Rose 'X marks the spot'.

Task: To follow a treasure map that their grown up has made to find the treasure. Then it is their turn to draw a treasure map for their grown up.





Wednesday, 30th June


RWI read 'oo'  as in 'look'

Writing 'oo' words. \mixture of both. spoon, moon, look, book.

Alphablocks-Little Red Riding Hood story with lots of 'oo' sounds

Task: draw the silly story from Alphablocks and write all the 'oo' words next to the pictures.



Number bonds to 10.

White Rose-drawing a map for an obstacle course.

Look at Mrs. Ambrose's obstacle course map on Pic Collage.

Task: Children design their own obstacle course and show on a map.


Tuesday, 29th June


'ow' song

RWI read lesson 'ow'

RWI write lesson 'ow'

Phonics Play Dragon's Den game-reading words.



White Rose lesson Making Maps of route to school.


Task: draw a map of your own route to school. Label the things that you draw on your map.








Monday, 28th June


Watched 'Alphablocks' 'igh'.

RWI video 'Reading 'igh'

Writing words using 'igh' phoneme. Check using Twinkl game.

Listen to E book 'Little Red Riding Hood'.

Task: Write a shopping list for Red Riding Hood to go and buy delicious things for Granny.



Counting in 2's song with Jack Hartmann.

Write numbers to 10. Use your fingers to find out which numbers are even. Circle them.

White Rose-Making a Story Map-LRRH.

Show Mrs. Ambrose's story map. I have added extra things in too. Walk through it.

Task: Draw your own story map for LRRH putting different things on.



Friday, 25th June.


'ar' song

RWI lesson.....reading words containing 'ar'.

RWI lesson....writing words containing 'ar'.

Watch E Book  'Goldilocks and the 3 Bears'.

Task: draw a detailed picture of the story with the characters and the 

bowls, chairs etc. Label all the things in the picture.



Number formation practice using 'Magic Pencil' and singing the rhymes.

Patterns-following a repeating pattern.

Task: to collect some natural objects and make some repeating patterns or draw some on paper using shapes, colours, minibeasts or anything they can think of.

Join in story and sing with 'Pete the Cat' because it makes us happy!!

Hi everybody!

Well here we are again after our Christmas holidays and we are doing our remote learning again! I am sad not to be seeing you all in class every day but it was lovely to say 'hi' and wave to you on your doorsteps when Mrs. Critchlow and I dropped off the Home Learning Packs last week. There are lots of lovely activities and ideas for you inside the pack to keep you busy over the next few weeks. 


Make sure you still have time to play but don't forget to come on the 2 'zoom' lessons every day at 9.45am and 1.00pm. We will be doing lots of new learning as well as practicing learning that we have already done.

Every day we will do our 'zoom' lesson and then you will be asked to complete some of the work in the pack. There will also be lots of fun activities that we will suggest for you too. Links will also be put on here every day for follow up lessons that we would like you to watch for phonics and maths. 


Parents, we know it may be a struggle some days to get the children to sit and concentrate on the 'zooms' but encourage as much as you can and make sure you take advantage of the links that we have given you. They are all highly engaging and interactive programmes and videos that are educational and compliment our Early Years curriculum perfectly.

Hopefully we will be back at school in a few weeks and we can all be together again. 

Mrs Ambrose


Daily Learning and Activities.

  smiley  Hi guys! Welcome back after half term. Hope you managed to get outside even though the weather wasn't great! Back to 'zooms' today but hopefully not for much longer! wink



Wake and shake

Scavenger hunt-some based on 'Pete the Cat's White Shoes'.

Musical statues-'Happy' Pharrell Williams.

Number bingo


Thursday, 4th March

World Book Day

Guess the story game-listen to the clues and guess the story-traditional tales.

Find the Book character game-

Read them a story-'Fee Fi Fo Fum' -alternative version of jack and the Beanstalk.

Draw a robot with 'Draw with Rob'


Independent Task: Make your own robot.



Wednesday, 3rd March

Alphabet song-name and sound of letter-

Animated story' Jack and the Beanstalk' -different version.

Draw and label what Jack stole-gold coins/chicken/harp

Discuss differences in this version.

Independent Task: Build their own beanstalk at home.




Tuesday, 2nd March

Phonics-special friends revision


game-matching picture to correct sound

Game-reading robot-reading selection of words containing 'special' friends' to gain points.

Jack and Beanstalk-describing Jack-labelling picture-model

Independent Task:-Draw their own giant and write describing words around him


Monday, 1st March

Phonics-'nk' lesson

watch 'Frank the Skunk'-

write pink/tank/sink/stink

Story-'Jack and the Beanstalk'

Independent Task- draw and write about the story.



All about 17.

Watch 'Numberblocks 17'.

Use our numicon to find different ways of making 17.

Draw 17 apples and 17 flowers. Number them. Touch and count.


Friday, 26th February

Wake and Shake song and dance-

Activity-Phonics bingo.

Story -listening for rhyming words. 'Hairy Maclary'



Number bonds to 10-Farmer Pete-

Subtraction interactive game-


'Draw with Rob'-following how to draw a sausage dog.



Thursday, 25th February

Music-Birdy Beat with Jenny Wren.



Quickfire number bonds to 10.

Farmer Pete song-number bonds to 10

Subtraction using number lines and counters-Oak Academy.


Wednesday, 24th February

Phonics-'ng' lesson 

Jack Hartmann 'ng' song.

Activity-look at the pictures and write the word-ring/sing/long/bang/king

Story 'Rapunzel'      Ebook Twinkle

Independent Task: draw a picture about the story and write something about it.


Dance-lesson 2.


Tuesday,23rd February


'th' lesson

Model writing 'this' 'that' magic writer

Geraldine giraffe-'th'

Activity-read and un-muddle words into sentence 'I can run fast'.

Independent Task: read words and sort into a sentence.



Practice counting doubles with fingers...1+1, 2+2 etc.

Subtraction/takeaway lesson-

Independent Task: complete subtractions using their own tens frames and counters.





Monday, 22nd February


Jack Hartmann 'ch' song

'Ch' RWI lesson


Model writing 'I had a chat.' Children write it- finger spaces/Fred fingers/full stop/important 'I'.

Independent task-find, draw and label 6 things in your house beginning with 'ch'.



Watch 'Numberblocks 16'.

How many ways can we show 16?-'All about 16' ppt.

Activity-model using different pieces of numicon to make 16. Children use their pieces to investigate too. Demonstrate as they come up with ways.

Activity-split 16 counters onto 2 plates. Tell me how many on each plate. How many ways can you make 16?

Independent Task: Investigate and record ways of making 16.





Wednesday,10th February

Speedy sounds with whole Set 1 sounds.

Blending game-read the word and match to correct picture.

Watch 'Pete the cat and his white shoes'.

Independent Task: Draw and write another version-something different that he steps in and colours his shoes.



Counting forwards and backwards to 20.

Addition game-interactive rolling dice and adding together.

Number bonds to 10 game -interactive game against a timer-using numicon to help., 9th February


Speedy sounds/speedy write all sounds learned this term.

Knowledge and Understanding of the world.

Discuss Chinese New Year. Read E book 'Dragons in the city'.

Point out decorations, food, dancers, lion/dragon dance/money envelopes. etc.


Draw a dragon-'Draw with Rob'


Learning a dance to 'You don't know you're Beautiful' by One Direction.


Finishing our dragon pictures.

Monday, 8th February

Phonics-'nk' lesson. 


Geraldine Giraffe 'nk'

Blending practice game Dragons Den

Knowledge and Understanding

Introduce Chinese New Year. Recap 'celebrations' that we learned about in school. Tell them there is another one this week on Friday.

Watch video Powerpoint of a Lion and Dragon Dance. (Twinkl)


Watch Numberblocks 15

Show 15 easiest way with numicon 10+5.   

Challenge: Is it true that 1+2+3+4+5=15? How can we find out? Us enumicon.

'All about 15' Powerpoint- making 15 in different ways.

Independent Task: number 15 page in maths book. Cut and match small tens frames to correct number 11-20.

Friday, 5th February.

Phonics 'ng' lesson.

Jack Hartmann 'ng.'


Wake and shake

Recap our learning about 'penguins' this week. 

Watch 'Penguin small' video  .

Independent Task: Watch wildlife videos/programmes about real penguins and polar bears in their habitats.

Make some more 'icebergs' and 'play' the story of Penguin Small with the penguin they made earlier in the week. Can they make/add any more characters?

Quick Maths

Fast fingers-how many? How do you know?

Knowledge and Understanding of the world.

After learning about penguins all week, we watched the 'live stream' from Chester Zoo of their Humbolt penguins being fed.


Using 2 pencils, sticks etc and 2 or 3 bowls/pans. Do thy sound the same or different? Why?

Play their 'drums' to the songs.

Independent Task: find more items that they can use as a drum. Sing and play their drums. Listen to how they sound.

โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹Reading on Oxford Reading buddy.


Thursday, 4th February.


Introductary music lesson with Jenny Wren from Sefton Music Service.

Singing, actions.


Complete picture of Penguin Blue with 'Draw with Rob'



Same or different game-different representations of amounts.

Composition of 10. 2 plates and 10 objects. How many ways can we make 10. Saying our number sentence out loud. eg 4 and 6 makes 10.

Trying to find a methodical way of doing it.

Wednesday, 3rd February.

Phonics-'qu' lesson.


Watch video story about being happy.

Discuss the story-what made her happy? I wonder what makes you happy?

Show my 'Happy basket'-items that make me happy. Emphasise that some things make me happy in the house while we can't go out but some things make me happy that I remember or look forward to when we can go out.

Dance to 'Happy' Pharrell Williams-

Independent Task: make their own bag/basket/box of things that make them happy.



Composition of 9 using 2/3 plates and 9 objects. Practical.

How to draw Penguin Blue from our story. Watch and copy Rob Biddulph the author draw hi character.


Tuesday, 2nd February

Phonics-'ch' lesson.

Watch Jack Hartmann -'ch' video


Discuss story 'Blown Away' that we watched yesterday. Who are the characters? What happened in the story? Watch again.

Labelling parts of Penguin blue's body. My drawing-we discuss what the various parts of his body are called and then label them. children help to sound out words.

Independent Task: Children draw the elephant from the story and label the parts of it's body.


Wake and shake active-

E-safety Powerpoint based on Traditional Tales characters. Discuss with their adult as we go through.

Watch video-'How to make a toilet tube penguin'. Watch and then discuss what they need and what the instructions were. Watch again.

Independent Task: make their own penguin.

Monday, 1st February

Phonics -'z' lesson. 


Write sentence 'I can zig zag at the zoo.' Repeat writer to model.

Activity-children follow my instructions for drawing something. Can they guess what it is? -a penguin.

Watch 'Blown Away' by Rob Biddulph.

Recap characters in the story.

Independent Task: draw a picture about the story .


Counting on numberline. Count to 14 and stop. 1 less/1 more.

Watch Numberblocks video 14.

Find ways of making 14. numicon, numberblocks, cubes, tens frames.

Independent Task: find more ways of making 14 with numicon poeces.



Friday, 29th January

RSPB National Garden Birdwatch Day.

Talk about what kind of birds they may see outside their window.

Look at some different types and discuss their appearance. (Twinkl)

Why do we need to help them in winter?

What else could we help them with? Putting out things to help with nest building ready for laying their eggs in spring.

Independent Task: Make a bird feeder/watch through the window and spot birds/make binoculars from toilet tubes to help you.

Watch 'Pete the Cat and his 4 Groovy Buttons'.

Draw and write about the story in Home Learning Journal.


Play addition and subtraction bingo. (using numicon and/or fingers to help them).

Independent Tasks.- 'All about 13' page.

Wizard potions capacity matching sheet.

Video -Wake and Shake'. all get up and do together.


Thursday, 28th January


Video Jack Hartmann 'th'


Blending game- 'Buried Treasure'-

Tricky words reading game-

Independent Task: How many 'I's can you find in your book?

Build a den because it's a rainy day!


Show me number bonds to 10 using your numicon. Write the sum down.

Capacity-Oak Academy video.

Independent Task: Experiment with water and containers using language of capacity-full/half full/nearly full/empty/nearly empty/half empty.

Wednesday, 27th January

Phonics-'w' lesson.


Watch Bitesize 'w'

Introduce 'tricky words' 'red' words to children (and parents). words that we can not sound out.

Watch BBC Bitesize video about tricky words.

Independent Task: winter themed 'say it, join it, write it' sheet.


Game-missing numbers upto 20

Watch Numberblocks-addition-

Focus on the written sum 5+3=8. Look at different examples.

Children chosse 2 pieces from their numicon and make a sum with it. Write it down. 


Tuesday, 26th January.

Phonics - 'y' lesson.

Video-Geraldine Giraffe


Speedy sounds.

Game-winter missing phoneme-children sound out word/picture and write word with missing phoneme in place. 

Independent Task: read and match cvc word/pictures.

Writing cvc words in flour, rice or shaving foam.



People Who Help Us-'Lockdown Heroes'.

Why are we staying at home? Who has been helping us while we are staying safe at home?

Video-Oak Academy-

Independent Task:- make a 'Thank You' card for your grown ups that help you to learn or maybe for your delivery driver who calls at your house.



Monday, 25th January.

Phonics - 'v' lesson.

Geraldine Giraffe-'v' video.

Read 'green' word cards-introduce sound buttons.

Introduce ''. Repeat writer model. Write it 5 times. Can you cover it up and write it yourself?

Read 'The cat on the mat'-capital 't', finger spaces, full stop.

Complete cvc word read and match sheet. Check our answers.

Independent Task: Write independently 'The cat on the mat' and draw a picture.


Order numicon. Count forwards backwards.

Count to 20 using numberline. Count out loud to your adult.

Watch Jack Hartmamm video 'Teen Numbers'.

Model writing 10-19. Repeat writer-emphasise pattern.

Children write their numbers independently.

Finger on 13. What is 1 more/1 less. Draw 13 circles. Touch and count. Put 10 counters on your tens frames. Put numicon 10 and 3 next to them. All show 13.

Independent activity: 1 more/1 less sheet teen numbers.



Friday, 22nd January.

Phonics ''j' lesson.

pictures/formation/speedy sounds/speedy write.


Play 'alphabet bingo'.

Watch 'Pete the Cat Rocking in my School shoes'.

Independent Task: Reading Activity 2 sheet.


Number bonds to 10-practical with numicon pieces.

'Save the Whale' game-using their number bonds to 10.

Watch 'Pete the cat and his 4 groovy buttons'.


Independent Task: Science Scavenger Hunt.



Thursday, 21st January

Video song-  'r'  Jack Hartmann

Phonics-'r' lesson.

pictures/formation/speedy sounds/Fred talk blending

Watch video-oral blend Ruth Miskin

Independent Task: cut out green word cards and play pairs matching/flashcards/writing etc with your adults.


Place numicon in order. What is 5+2? What is 6+1? Show me another way of making 7.

Show 3 objects. Which is heavier than/lighter than?

Watch video Jack Hartmann-heavy and light

Activity-find 2 objects. Hold them in your hands . Which is heaviest and lightest?


Game -

Independent Task: find 6 objects and try and place them in order-heaviest to lightest.



Wednesday, 20th January

Phonics -'sh' sound

pictures/formation/speedy sounds/write the letter/speedy write


Song 'sh'

Model writing 'A fish in a shop' on Repeat Writer.

Point out capital A, finger spaces, full stop.

Children write it sounding out words too.

Independent Task: find and draw 6 things beginning with 'sh' at home.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World (instead of maths).

Can we remember what the 4 seasons are? Describe to children and they guess.

Video '4 Seasons'

What do we see outside in winter?

Video Oak Academy- 'A winter walk'. Sort hot and cold colours, look at photos of winter, learn how to draw a winter tree.

Independent Task: Children draw their own winter tree adding own winter features too.

Tuesday 19th January

Phonics- 'h' lesson.

pictures/formation/speedy sounds/oral blending/speedy write


Blending game Phonicsplay

Introducing story maps-Gingerbread Man Oak academy Video



Order numicon pieces. count forwards/backwards to 10.

Show me 10 with 2 pieces of numicon. Show me another way.

Show me 11. Say 10+1 makes 12.

Powerpoint 'All about 12'. 

Independent Task:

Find number 12 in your house. 

Find different ways of making 12 using your numicon pieces. Write your sums down.


Monday 18th January

Phonics- 'l' lesson.

pictures/formation/speedy sounds/speedy write/oral blend/Fred fingers write.


Story 'The Gingerbread Man' Oak Academy



Write numbers to 20-use number line to help.

Play 'Where is Fred?'. Positional language game. Mrs. Ambrose places Fred in various positions around a bowl.

Activity- children get a cuddly toy and a box and listen to instructions of where to place the toy eg. put your toy behind the box.

Practice counting and positional language-Oak Academy

Friday 14th January

Recap of letters covered this week b/u/f/e.

Game-go and find something beginning with b/u/f/e.

Speedy sounds-Racing car game-


Talk about what has happened outside. Everything covered in frost. Why? What season is it? 

Task: All to go outside, wrapped up. What can they wear to keep warm? Feel the frost, look closely at things covered in frost. Write their name in the frost.

Story-'The Runaway Iceberg'(Interactive E book). Talk a bout icebergs, penguins, melting, creatures in story. Could we make our own little icebergs? Discuss-how/where

Task: Make own little 'icebergs' at home and the see if they will float. Do they melt? Where do they melt the quickest?


Quick write numbers 1-10.

Recap more/less this week. Watch video on 1 more/less.

Task: Complete sheet 1 less-clothes hanging on a line. Parental support then mark together.

Homework: collect al your teddies and count them. Draw a picture of them all and number them.

Thursday 13th January

Phonics 'e' 

RWI lesson 'e


Model writing 'I met a dog.'

Explain to parents about 'important I', finger spaces and full stop. Children sounding out words. Hold their sentence on their fingers. Use 'Magic writer' to model sentence. Children write it remembering everything.

Independent activity-write another sentence 'I met a red, fat cat.'

Look , trace, write sheet.


Quick writing numbers 1-10.

Quick showing finger numbers.

Lay out numicon in order.

Play 'Robot Addition' on Topmarks using numicon pieces to help them.

Independent activity-To play both games independently and practice addition.


Wednesday 12th January

Phonics 'f'

Pictures beginning with 'f'.

Speedy sounds-hiding 'f' in the pack.

'Fred talk'-oral blending-fun/fat/fit/fan

Writing words using 'Fred Fingers' fun/fat/fit/fan.

Blending practice-Phonicsplay pirate treasure game-

Independent Activity-segment and spell cvc word pictures on home learning sheet-bus/sun/dog/fish/hen.

'I spy and read' sheet from Home Learning Pack.


Singing 'Days of the Week' song.

Find 11 on number line. 1 more/ 1 less. Other examples.

Activity-order numicon poeces 1-10. show me 2 pieces that makes 11. Time to explore and show.

Can we remember how to record it? Model 6+5=11

Ordering numbers-play interactive caterpillar game.

Independent Activity-find more ways of making 11 and playing the caterpillar game ordering numbers.




Tuesday 12th January

Phonics 'b'

Pictures beginning with 'b'.

Speedy sounds-hiding 'b' in the pack.

'Fred talk'-oral blending-bin/bug/bad/bat

Writing words using 'Fred Fingers' bin/bug/bad/bat.

Watch Geraldine giraffe 'b'

Blending practice- introduce parents and children to Ruth Miskin RWI videos watch together encouraging children to join in.

Independent Activity-find at least 6 things around the house that begin with 'b'. If it is a cvc, they must write it next to the picture. Longer words they use the sounds they can hear. Explain this to the parents.


Count to 20 forwards and backwards.

Use number line to count to 11 and stop. what does 11 look like? What number is before it? what number is after it?

Write your numbers up to 11-(remind parents to check number formation sheet in pack).

Interactive Tens Frame-ask the children to use their ten frames at same time to put amounts on. What happens if we want to put 11 on? Introduce idea of second tens frame. Demonstrate.

How do we write 10 plus 1 more. Model the children write.

Independent activities.

To complete first page of number booklet-All about 11.

Cut out their Numicon pieces from their pack and find ways of making 11 and record it.

Monday 11th January

Phonics 'u'

Pictures beginning with 'u.

Speedy sounds-hiding 'u' in the pack.

'Fred talk'-oral blending-mug/cut/sun/mud

Writing words using 'Fred Fingers' mug/cut/sun/mud.

Independent activity-initial sounds sheet.

Blending practice-   


oral count and clap to 20 then jumping finger along number line.

1 more/ 1 less using number line

introduce 'Tens Frame' -interactive-fill with aliens-adding 1 more each time until full

Activity together-children complete their own counting sheet-remembering to 'touch and count' and using number line to help with number formation.

Independent Activity-ordering numbers 1-10 penguin sheet.

Watch 'Numberblocks 10' independently.



Links to further Learning.

Below are the web links to videos and programmes that the children can watch and engage in, to practice and consolidate their learning at your leisure!

Of course, all of our children have different abilities and so it is difficult to provide the appropriate level of activity that each child needs, as we would in the classroom. If your child finds some of the videos too easy, don't worry, it will still be useful to consolidate past learning. Let them just enjoy it and do feel feel free to extend their learning by suggesting practical activities at home.

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High