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Religious Education


The children have been learning about the Christian Faith. What does it mean to be a Christian and what do they believe?


They have been learning that Christians believe in God who is Jesus' father and creator of the world. They know that Jesus is the Son of God. They know that Christians worship in a Church and the Cross is the Christian symbol. They understand that the Bible is a Christian's Holy/special Book, and here they can read stories that Jesus told.


The children have listened to the story of The Prodigal Son. They are beginning to understand that Parables have a moral and the moral of this story is that Jesus will forgive those who get lost from the path of Christianity. He will forgive those who say sorry. 


We acted out the story of The Prodigal Son. Here are some pictures below for you to look through.

The Prodigal Son.

Here is some of the work we have been doing this half term. The children have listened to parables Jesus told and have been trying to understand the moral of the story. We have looked at Christian symbols and have been learning why they are important. 

Today (14.11.21) we had a very special visitor, Rev. Marie-Ann Kent who is part of St Phillips with Wesley church. She came to talk to the children about Christianity and what it's like to be part of the Christian family. She brought lots of artefacts in for the children to look at and taught them that God teaches us 3 important things to say, TSP 

Thank you 



The children remembered lots of knowledge taught already and enjoyed the story of The Lost Sheep.








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