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This half term we are learning about the religion Judaism. We have been 

This half term we are focussing on the religion Judaism. Our key question is Who is Jewish and what do they believe? 


The children have been learning about various objects and their importance in the Jewish faith. We learned about the Mezuzah, an important artefact which is placed next to the front door. They touch or kiss the Mezuzah before entering the house. inside the Mezuzah is a special prayer called the Shema which reminds them that God is the Lord and there is only one God.


We have been learning about Shabbat and the children know that Shabbat is a day of rest which is a Saturday. On Friday night Jewish people clean, tidy and cook a special meal they share with friends and family.


We have been learning the names of some Jewish artefacts and why they are important to The Jewish Faith. These included; the menorah, mezuzah, tallit, kippah, yad, and the Torah. See if your child can remember what each item is!

Here is some of the work we have completed this half term.

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