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In RE, our key question this half term is What does it mean to belong to a faith community?  The children will be finding similarities and differences between Judaism and Christianity. They will be looking in more detail at churches and synagogues and the artefacts used within those faiths. We will be looking at key ceremonies, weddings and baptisms and the similarities and differences between them.

The children have enjoyed learning about what it's like to belong to a faith. They have looked at Christianity and Judaism and have found similarities and some differences between the two faiths,

They know that in Christianity babies, children and adults can be baptised to show that they want to be part of Go's family and the Christian faith. They know that the sign of the cross is drawn on the forehead using holy water from the font. Mrs White brought in her daughter's christening items for the children to look at and talk about.

They enjoyed learning about Christian and Jewish weddings. They found similarities between the two faiths, such as, wedding rings are exchanged, the bride often wears a white wedding dress and they say vows to each other. We discussed the vows that they say to each other.

We discussed that not all marriages are a male and female partnership and that women can marry each other, men can marry each other and that the most important thing is that they love and respect each other.

The children enjoyed looking at Mrs White's wedding dress

Here is some of the work they have done this term.



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