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Year 1 Readers can...

From Monday 22nd June, our Zoom sessions have changed slightly.  We are now doing English every Tuesday morning at 10am and will continue to cover a range of writing skills which we feel will best prepare the children for Year 2.  To do this in an engaging and structured way which is accessible to parents at home, we are going to use lessons from BBC Bitesize Daily as the basis for our Zoom lessons.  


To best support your child in their Reading moving forward, we recommend accessing the BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons (link below).  This will provide you with all of the online activities you need to continue supporting your child to learn these key skills:

  • Recognise all sounds from the Read, Write, Inc. program
  • Decode words using the phonics they have learnt
  • Read many of the first 100 High Frequency Words and Common Exception Words by sight
  • Know whether a book is fiction (a story) or non-fiction (factual)
  • Be able to express opinions about a book and explain their reasons
  • Retrieve information from a text
  • Answer questions about a book, using evidence from the text and pictures
  • Retell the key events of a story they have read or had read to them
  • Ask questions about books they have read or have been read to them
  • Make simple predictions about what might happen next
  • Sequence events from a story
  • Make simple inferences using clues in a text

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