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What's happening in Science?


The documents below tell you what we are learning in Science each term. The knowledge organisers include some interesting facts to impress your friends and family with as well as key vocabulary and definitions. The vocabulary for each year group shares key words that you will need to use the correct scientific and technical terms. There are some tricky spellings in there.


Don't forget you can also read about the lives of famous scientists like Mary Anning, Marie Curie, David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, Thomas Edison and many more for inspiration. Think about the topics you have enjoyed most and see what else you can find out.


On Oxford Reading Buddy you can also search for non-fiction titles using a range of search terms like scientists, science, plants, rocks and space.




Celebrating British Science Week at Linaker

Each year here at Linaker, we take part in British Science Week. It is a time of year that we all really look forward to. We start things off with an incredible assembly filled with exciting scientific demonstrations and experiments, we then spend a whole week on scientific learning. Last year’s theme was ‘Journeys’ and each year group came up with fascinating and creative ways to explore this theme in their science work!



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British Science Week 2020

Mr Kelly launched Science week 2020 with a fabulous series of experiments in both KS1 and KS2. Throughout the week children have been carrying out a range of Science activities showing the links Science has with so many subjects. From recreating Monet's water lilies to researching how plants adapt to different environments every year group has been busy.


The children have also been thinking about which jobs they would like to do and how they use Science. For some this has been the opportunity to research new careers and we thank parents, grandparents and friends for helping them find out about the jobs they do and how they use Science.


We would also like to thank Professor Patrick Steel's Group, Dr Petrina Cairns, Professor Ben Van Wyk de Vries, Sue Leggate, Dr Beck Kenyon, Christian Verite, Emma Lepley, Professor Graham Braithwaite, Emma Rodgers, Suzanne Thomas and Farm Urban for sharing how their very varied roles use Science.


We look forward to sharing photos from yet another enjoyable Science Week with you very soon.

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