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In Science, we will be finding out all about humans. We will be looking at our own body and comparing it to animals. We will be labelling parts of our body and looking at how we can keep healthy.


We began our Science learning by thinking about what makes us different to animals. There are lots of things that make us similar, like our senses, but after lots of discussion we realised that humans can talk but animals cannot. We also looked at our bodies and realised that humans have the same body parts but animals can have different (tails, trunks, snouts). 


We then discussed our body parts and sang different songs. We began with head, shoulders, knees and toes but soon moved on to a fun rap. When we felt confident, we took it in turns to lie on the floor and draw around each other. We had body parts cards which we Fred talked and then placed on the correct area of the body. Some of us even added extra labels. We thought about our organs and the bones that protect them. 


Health Eating 28/9/21

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