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From 22nd June, our Zoom lessons will be based around the BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons, as they are a fantastic resource and can be accessed easily from home, either directly through the website, on the Red Button on your TV or on the iPlayer app.  This means that you can re-watch and re-cap on lessons you've been part of on Zoom, or catch up with sessions you have missed, or pick and choose extra lessons to have a go at beyond what we do together on Zoom.

To help you out, below is a folder entitled "Bitesize Daily Links" in which you will find all of the relevant Year 1 Science lessons that have been posted on the BBC website since April.  Pick and choose the ones you fancy having a go at, or work through them in order, whatever you want to do.  

On our Zoom mini-lessons this half term, we have been recapping on our learning all about house-hold materials.  Earlier this year, we learnt the names and properties of a number of materials, such as metal, plastic, wood, fabric, glass, paper, rubber and ceramic.   We have talked about their uses and why they are used for different purposes, as well as talking about which ones can and should be recycled. 


Below are a few links to help you to learn more about recycling; why it is done and how it is done.  Play the free game on 'Twinkl' to test your knowledge of which materials can be recycled.

Summer Term Learning: Plants


During the Summer Term, our Science learning in Year 1 is usually all about plants.  We learn:

That plants are living things;

To name the parts of a plant;

To know that some plants provide food;

To understand the life-cycle of a plant;

To know what plants need to grow and thrive.


You can research all of this online, especially using the BBC Bitesize website.  Even better, if you are able to, you can invesitgate these things for real in your home by planting some seeds and observing them as they grow! You will soon learn what they need more or less of in order to thrive.  Even better, with the strain on resources in our shops and the necessity for us to be in our homes, why not try to plant something you will be able to eat?  

Here is an example of the supplies you might need to get started, should you choose to do this.  Carrots, peas, beans, radishes, lettuces, cress, tomatoes, potatoes, onions and berry plants such as strawberries are great to start with.  You could try growing flowering plants like sunflowers and carnations to compare how they grow.  Shops like B&Q, Homebase, Dobbies & plenty of others are still taking online orders and delivering to your home.

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