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This half term we will be learning about plants. We will be learning to name the parts of a plant and identify different types of trees. 


As part of this learning, we will be completing an investigation. This week, the children planted beans in plastic pots. Through discussion, we decided that plants needed water, sunlight and nutrients in order to grow. To test if this is correct, we have planted beans that have all of these, as well as a bean that will have no light, one with no water and another with no nutrients. We will complete a bean diary every week so that we can observe changes over time and find out if beans can grow without all three elements.


We will keep you updated with the results smiley

Look what's happened in our water tray! surprise

We decided to put some soil in our water tray and some beans. We left the tray over the week end and couldn't believe our eyes! We looked carefully and saw that the leaves were a little bit yellow because the lid had been closed. So we left the lid off for a few days and gave them plenty of water.

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