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Science Lesson 08.07.20 (Habitats)

Today's lesson was all about habitats.  We found out that a habitat is where an animal lives and gets its food, shelter and safety.  It is a safe place where it can build a nest, lay eggs or have its babies.  There are many types of habitats in our wonderful world and even more animals that live in them!  


If you want to revisit today's learning or play any of the games or quizzes attached, use the two links below, to the BBC Bitesize Daily lesson we used today and the BBC Bitesize 'Habitats' page which leads to a page all about each habitat, in more detail.


Further learning:

Beyond this, simply type "Habitats KS1" or "Habitats for kids" into Google and you will find loads of fun activities, videos and games as it is such a broad subject. 

What habitats can you find in your local area? Can you draw or build a picture or model of your favourite habitat? Can you write a description of it? Could you even invent a new habitat for a mythical or made-up creature?  

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