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Science- Materials



At the beginning of this term ( September-October) we have been looking at different objects and finding out what they are made from. We looked at many materials, such as; glass, wood, plastic, metal, sponge, stone and fabric. We investigated which materials would be most suitable to make a house for the 3 pigs. We discussed how we could describe these materials, using scientific vocabulary. We used words such as; hard, soft, rough, smooth, shiny, bendy, transparent and opaque.


We also investigated which materials would be the best to make a roof for the 3 pigs house. What would the roof need to be? We talked about their houses and how they are kept dry from the rain. We discussed that a roof would need to be water resistant/ waterproof. We used lots of different materials such as; paper, fabric, cardboard, glass and plastic. We found out that glass and plastic were the most suitable for a roof as they were waterproof.


Here are some of our photographs of the children experimenting with materials.

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