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Science - Plants

We are learning all about plants this term!

We learnt about different types of seeds and bulbs, as well as what seeds need to grow and thrive.  We are taking part in the 'Innocent' "Sow and Grow" campaign, to learn about growing our own food.  Each class is growing carrots, runner beans and cress.  In addition to this, all of us have planted a sunflower, which will be coming home with us at half term to plant in our gardens or in pots in our homes frown We have also been learning about which foods grow in different parts of the world, linked with our Meerkat Mail topic and our DT work on creating an international snack.


Do you grow food at home?

What flowers are in your garden?

Can you tell which plant is which in our photos?

Here are some photos of our Science lessons from this term

As a year group we were involved in the Sow and Grow Project .
Each week we picked our star growers and king and queen of veg! The king and queen were the children who had shown the most interest in the project or told the class interesting facts about plants.

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