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Science Week

In Science this week we were given the problem of a frozen explorer! We had to choose a method to thaw the ice around them, safely.


Each group decided on their method and we discussed how to make it a fair test. We measured the water accurately with measuring jugs and poured it into identical containers. Each group then submerged a small (plastic!) chick into the water. 


The next day, we added more water to the chicks to freeze them completely. 


On Friday we took out our frozen explorers and set about freeing them... we lost a few eyes in the process, but eventually all of the chicky explorers were released!


The winning group were the warm water group with an astonishing time of 4minutes and 10 seconds. Unfortunately the group that chose magnifying glasses in the sun came last, after some bad luck with a very cloudy morning! Their chick was eventually thawed by the clouds in an hour and a half.


Well done 5KC for releasing all of your frozen explorers!

Ice Rescue Investigation

5KC also completed a challenge to try and make our Attendance Bear move! We decided to make 'balloon powered cars' to move the bear pictures. Unfortunately, our cars didn't work as we'd hoped so they became 'people powered cars'! We created a race track and saw which groups car would travel the furthest.


The winning group was Jack's Group, who made their car travel 2m and 30cm. Well done! 

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