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Science Week


British Science Week 2018

Exploring and Discovering with Attendance Bear

The Challenge

Attendance Bear is new to Linaker Primary School and is keen to explore and discover the school. We are challenging each class to use their scientific knowledge to create a way to transport or move him.

Who can make him travel the furthest?


Who can make him travel the greatest distance without human contact?


Who can make him travel the fastest?


Perhaps you can think of other questions too.

Attendance Bear's Message to Year 2

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We spoke to Discovery Dog in groups and told him our ideas. We had lots of fantastic ones! As a class we decided that we could see how far Attendance Bear would travel by plane, catapult and rocket.


We decided to measure using a ruler/tape measure and our results were recorded in a table.


Then the real fun began...


We made paper planes, stuck Attendance Bear on and measured how far he flew.

We made catapults to fire Attendance Bear.


Our favourite method (and messiest) was the rockets. We used vitamin C tablets, a rocket launcher (different sized tubes) and water to launch our rockets.

Class 2MT - planes and rockets

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