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We decided to change our looks at the end of today's zoom meeting!

Thanks Julia, your art work is lovely (especially the colour wash) and well done with your writing tasks.

Keeping busy Sienna!

Matthew's chocolate brownies have proven to be a hit!

Neve's family have been stargazing - a great photo of the Big Dipper!

Loving Bosco's relaxing reading session!

Matthew's Guitar Performance

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Matthew is certainly keeping busy!

Alice is honing her culinary skills - it all looks delicious!

Sienna has been working hard on her art and craft projects plus some fabulous maths work using recipes. I believe the brownies were delicious!

Sienna has made chicken samosas for tea.

Matthew gets physical!

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Matthew's marvelous art!

Alice has been cooking again - we may have to open a year 6 restaurant!

When did Alice learn to levitate? Amazing!

Sienna and her family celebrating VE Day.

WOW Matthew! He has completed his cartoon sketching AND animation task in one go - fantastic effort.

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Sienna has made a time capsule to bury in the garden. I wonder what future generations will think when they find it?

Niamh has been busy sketching flowers.

Check out Matthew's marvellous magic video clips - I will be puzzling over how he did that for some time!

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Goodness! Johann has been busy.

Excellent poster there Niamh.

Niamh's first attempt at sewing - clearly a super success!

Niamh has has made a super ppt about the Globe Theatre.

Another fantastic ppt from Niamh.

Thank you for your gun powder plot ppt Neve, excellent book recommendation too.

Alice is making us all hungry again!

Alongside his catering business, Matthew is now taking orders for home decoration!

Well done Riley! A great report on the Brazilian Wandering Spider.

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