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Sherpa Kids Club Linaker

Welcome to Sherpa Kids Club at Linaker Primary.


You can contact Sue Moir at any time on 07951 540919 to enquire about places, information etc. 

You can ring the club mobile for any issues during club hours (ie 7.30am to 8.45am and 3pm to 6pm.)  The number is 07549 208889. This number is not in use outside of club hours.


I am delighted to be running the Breakfast and After School Club service at Linaker school.  Even though I know we are all going through difficult times at present, new children have been joining Sherpa Kids Club over the last few weeks and we would love to see even more of you in our club to enjoy the activities we have to offer (please see below our picture gallery.)


In light of the Government's announcement regarding the opening of schools on March 8th, I regret that I have had to take the difficult decision to keep Sherpa Kids Club closed until after the Easter break.  It has been extremely difficult financially up to this point for me as a small business and I had really only just started the business when the pandemic hit.  Given the uncertainty over numbers and the furlough being available to safeguard staff wages, this is mainly why I had to take this decision. Due to the ongoing financial problems caused by the pandemic, when we return after Easter the Sherpa Kids parent company, will be giving support and working with me to relaunch the club under the name of 'Energy Kidz' with a full holiday programme going forward as well as the usual before and after school care. Please note that the club will still be Sherpa Kids Club until the Half Term Holidays and then will change to Energy Kidz after those holidays. This involvement from the parent company should already have been in process  but the 3rd lockdown has delayed it all unfortunately. Please note that any sessions booked in the remainder of the Spring term will be cancelled and credited. I look forward to returning after Easter and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. The Magic Booking website is now available for parents to book sessions for after the Easter holidays. If you require any further information please get in touch on the number at the top of this page.


Our theme for the first two weeks back is 'Spring'.  The children will be helping to create a themed wall display by using various craft materials to make lots of different bugs that are seen in Spring. We will also be talking to the children about the habitats the bugs live in outside in our lovely garden.


If you are interested in bringing your child along to our club please use the links below. 


Many thanks


Hope to see you soon


Sue Moir


The Sherpa Kids Team

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Sue Moir

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