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Sherpa Kids Club Linaker

Welcome to Sherpa Kids Club at Linaker Primary.


You can contact Sue Moir at any time on 07951 540919 to enquire about places, information etc. 

You can ring the club mobile for any issues during club hours (ie 7.30am to 8.45am and 3pm to 6pm.)  The number is 07549 208889. This number is not in use outside of club hours.


I am delighted to be running the Breakfast and After School Club service at Linaker school.  Even though I know we are all going through difficult times at present, new children have been joining Sherpa Kids Club over the last few weeks and we would love to see even more of you in our club to enjoy the activities we have to offer (please see below our picture gallery.)


Session times and prices

Breakfast Club runs from 7.30am to 8.45am and costs £4. Children are then taken up to start school.  After School Club runs from 3pm to 6pm and costs £9 for a permanent place and £10 for a casual place.  Holiday Club runs from 7.30am to 6pm for a full day and the price is £25 or you can book half a day morning from 7.30am to 1pm (price £13) and half a day afternoon 1pm to 6pm (price £12.)



Access via gates

There is now a bell fixed onto the locked gates so we will know you have arrived to pick up your child. Please give us a few minutes to make sure children have all their belongings before bringing them out. After 5pm the iron gates as well as the coded gate near the entrance will be open so you can come to the door and buzz for attention. 


Winter Holiday Club

Although we had to postpone 23rd Dec due to Covid 19, we were able to run the other 3 HAF funded dates in January. On 4th and 5th we had maximum attendance which was fabulous. The weather didn't let us down at all and the children enjoyed a lot of time outside as well as free play, organised party games, cookery and art and craft activities inside. Myself and the other staff had lots of fun too and I have had some lovely feedback from  parents so thank you so much for that. It makes all the difference to know you approve of the job we are doing!


HAF Fund

The next official funding will most likely be at Easter. I will let you know details when I have them from Sefton Council. The funded day that was postponed on 23rd Dec will now go ahead on 14th Feb (during Half Term.) I have put this date and 2 others on the booking site. Please let Sue know before booking this date as you will need to be on the 'Funded' setting on the site to book it free of charge. The 15th and 16th Feb are not funded days.


Activities this January

The theme for our Art & Craft activities this month will be 'Winter Time.'

We will be making snow globes and painting some winter scenes to mention just 2. We will also be creating a display board of 'etched' art that some children are working on. 


Homework Time

We are happy to provide a table in a quiet place (well as quiet as possible!) for your child to do homework. We may not be able to sit and help your child throughout, but staff will do their best to assist if there are any problems. Please let me know if you want us to listen to your child read or prompt your child to complete homework during club time. Thanks


If you are interested in bringing your child along to our club please use the links below. 


Many thanks


Hope to see you soon


Sue Moir


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