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Sir Isaac Newton 1643-1727

Sir Isaac Newton

This week our Scientist of the Week is probably one of the best known scientists who made some key discoveries. He was the first scientist to be given a knighthood.


He was born on Christmas Day in 1642 so I have started to put our Scientist of the Week in Chronological order. Although he was born hundreds of years ago his work still forms key parts of Physics, Engineering and Mathematics. He was a Professor or Maths at just 27 which is incredibly young to be a Professor. 


His created many different Laws in Physics about Gravity and Motion and thought about how the planets and sun move. He also thought about Forces and it is measured in Newtons with a Newton metre.


There are similarities to our present situation as some of his key discoveries were made when the University of Cambridge was closed down due to the Great Plague and he was home learning just like you!


He also designed a reflecting telescope using mirrors to bounce light and this is still the basis of telescopes today.


This is a timeline of his life


Explore the other links to find out more about him and his life and there are some ideas for experiments you can do at home.






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