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Spring 1

Term 2 Spring 1

This half term, we have a Geography focus. We begin our learning by discussing where we live. During the half term, we will expand our learning to the whole world, finding out where Southport is in relation. We will look at the UK (its countries and capital cities), Europe and then the seven continents. We will use a range of resources to aid this; atlases, globes and Google Maps. We will also find out about the climate in different areas and what causes this. We will be packing suitcases as if we were going to visit hot and cold countries.


In Science, our topic is plants. We will complete an experiment, observing changes over time and finding out the best condition for plants to grow. We will learn about parts of plants and trees and what their functions are. In addition to this, we will be going outdoors to name and identify wild and garden plants, as well as deciduous and evergreen trees. 


In RE, we are learning about Judaism. We will find out about different artefacts such as the menorah, mezuzah, kippah, Torah and yad. We will be learning about the celebration Shabbat and the things that Jewish people do to prepare for this. 


In PE, we will be doing gymnastics and netball. In gymnastics, we will begin practising one, two and three point balances on mats before adapting them to do on equipment. We will also create simple sequences. 



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