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Spring 1 - Dinosaurs

What’s arrived in Reception today?


In reception today we had a very special box arrive.  We talked about our ideas of what might be in the box.  Some ideas included a train track or a ball or a dinosaur.  Ask your child what they thought would be inside the box.....



We opened the box and there was a shiny golden egg with blue spots.  We discussed with a partner what might be inside the egg and how we could look after it.  Some of the children said there might be a baby duck or a frog or a dinosaur inside.




There was a letter inside the box that told us how to look after the egg and said don’t let anyone take the egg.  But the letter didn’t say who it was from.  Who do you think it could be from???

On Wednesday 14th January the reception children arrived to discover something very exciting... A huge dinosaur footprint trail!  We realised the dinosaur had stolen our precious egg! 

When visiting Reception, look out for our WANTED posters.



Cjay brought in his dinosaur tooth that he got for Christmas.

Dinosaur tooth

We have made our own big, long dinosaur and we have named him George. 

Come in and see him on our wall!

George the dinosaur

Moving like a dinosaur



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