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Spring 1 - Its Cold Outside

Welcome to our Spring Term page

Chinese New Year 2022

We enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year. Children turned the role play area into a Chinese cafe, tried noodles for snack, listened to a story called ' Dragon's in the City' as well as many more activities. 

It's Cold Outside

Our topic this half term is ‘It’s Cold Outside’. Our focus texts will be ‘Charlie Crow in the Snow’, 'Winnie in Winter', ‘Frog in Winter’ and ‘Penguin Small’.


We will be observing change in the weather, comparing our climate to other countries and researching arctic animals. We will be learning about a range of birds, comparing them to humans and asking the question ‘Do all birds fly?’



Great British Bird Watch 2022

We took part in the Great British Bird watch. We looked at some photographs of some typical garden birds and found out their names. Then we went outside and used binoculars and a clipboard to record what we could see. We managed to spot some seagulls, blackbirds and pigeons. Then we discussed how we could attract more birds to our outdoor area. We came up with the idea of making bird feeders. 

Our school trip to Martin Mere

We enjoyed a fun filled day at Martin Mere. First we got on the coach. Then we arrived and had some snack and a drink. After this we took part in a workshop with Martin Mere staff. We learnt all about swans. After than we explored the wetlands. Next it was time for lunch. We ate our lunch in a nice, warm classroom. Then we explored the play area, children had lots of fun! We had time for a little exploring before we had to get the coach back to school.  

Where we live Vs Where Penguin

Small lives....

Our focus story is Penguin Small. Penguin Small is just a little Penguin who finds themselves in the North Pole near the scary polar bears. Penguins Small takes the journey to the South Pole to be reunited with family and friends, all with the help of a snowman. We have been comparing Southport to the South Pole. We have discussed the weather conditions along with features of the two different places. We got a message from Penguin Small asking us to compare the two places. So we used the small laptops to find things out. We came up with a range of questions about Penguins and the South Pole. We also acted the story out in our Antarctica themed tuff tray. 

Listen to the messages we got from Penguin Small...

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