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Spring 1 Meerkat Mail

In Spring 1 our learning started with an exciting visit from Sunny the Meerkat, he crept into school early one morning and left us a postcard and a trail of sandy footprints. We read 'Meerkat Mail' with great excitement as he described his journey from his home in Kalahari Desert to see all his relatives, he was searching for a place where he felt he fitted in, perfectly! The children thoroughly enjoyed this book and we have got many great learning opportunities from it. We have written postcards, diary entries, letters, captions for photographs and recounts of the story. 


In our drama and speaking and listening opportunities we have acted out the story, thought about what Sunny's family may have done without him and made phone calls acting as Sunny.


At the end of Spring 1 we waved goodbye to Sunny the Meerkat and moved on to having fun with riddles. Here is a photo of the display we made with the children's amazing writing, if you look closely you may be able to read them and guess who we were writing about. 

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