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Spring 1 - No Place Like Home

Here's what we will be doing during Spring Term 1: No Place Like Home

This half term's topic "No Place Like Home" is centred around the Linaker values of 'Community' and 'Resilience'.  We are learning about where we live, where we come from and what is meant by 'home'.  We will learn about Southport and its place in the UK and of course, Europe, at this momentous time in our country's history.  This will inform our computing work, learning about algorithms and coding, to program a digital toy to find its way around a map.

We are helping new children to settle in, understanding what it means to belong and feel welcome and safe.  In our class text, 'Beegu', a little alien gets lost on Earth where no-one understands her and everything is quite scary at first, until she meets kind, welcoming and accepting children in a playground.  We are learning about the emotions Beegu experiences in the story and how to cope with similar emotions in real life. 

Science: learning about keeping humans healthy

We predicted which foods would be the greasiest then observed what happened when we left them out on absorbent paper.  The carrot had water on it from the packet, but the water dried up.  The other foods were greasy, which you can see on the paper.  The greasiest food was the crisps! We were surprised, because we predicted the sausage roll, which turned out to be the least greasy food.
Next, we put a penny in some coke and another penny in orange juice and we observed what happened to the penny.  The one in the coke came out shiny! We worked out that the coke had cleaned the penny by rubbing the dirt off it.  The artificial sugars and acid in the fizzy drink rub against our teeth too, destroying the enamel, and they can cause damage to our insides if we drink too much of them! We were so shocked!

Computing & Geography: learning to program a digital toy, using directions and compass points

Art: learning how to draw faces and depict emotions in portraits

English: using adjectives to describe appearance and character

SMSC: Raising money for the Marfan Syndrome Trust

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High