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Spring 1 - Tyrannosarus Drip

Whoever heard of a vegetarian T-Rex?

Our story this half term is Tyrannosaurus Drip.


When a baby Duckbill dinosaur ends up in the Tyrannosaurus nest, he feels very out of place. And his gruesome new family with their great big jaws and bloodthirsty habits soon nickname him Drip. But this little dinosaur is not as weedy as he looks. In fact, he’s a real hero!

To listen to the story follow this link:


Our Dinosaur Hunt

On Tuesday 20th January we went on a dinosaur hunt. We had seen a photograph of a T-Rex outside of our school and wanted to see if it was real! We looked all around the school and found lots of clues. Have a look at the pictures below to see what we found.

"There's a dinosaur in the locker!"

"Look at the dinosaur footprints!"

"Quick, look... A clue!"

"Ewwww, dinosaur poo!"

"Oh no, dinosaur eggs have hatched!"
Picture 1
"Look, footprints!"
Picture 2"
Picture 3
"I can hear roaring."
Picture 4
"Another clue"
Picture 5
"Quick, I found something!"
Picture 6
"It says he's coming back!"
Picture 7
"An egg!"
Picture 8
"It's hatched, look shells!"

Our School Trip


On Wednesday 21st January Reception and Year 1 went on a trip to Liverpool Museum.  The children were all very well behaved and learnt lots about Dinosaurs. We also got the chance to look around the other exhibitions. It was a lovely day which left us all exhausted and ready for bed!

Our Trip to Liverpool World Museum

Off we go to the museum. We were very excited.
Wow look at the pterodactyl.
We saw lots of model dinosaurs.
And lots of skeletons and fossils too.
Time for lunch.
Looking through the telescope in the space room.
Snakes Alive exhibition was very interesting.
We had great fun playing snakes and ladders!
In the aquarium we saw lots of colourful fish.

Making fossils.

We made salt dough and then pressed small dinosaur shapes into the dough to create our own fossils. Then we wrote about how we made the fossils.

Making salt dough to make our Fossils.

First we put in salt and flour.
Then we mixed it up together.
Next we added the oil.
After that we added the boiling water.
Then we had to mix it together
Miss Oakley had to knead it, but it was still hot!
We all got a lump of dough to make a fossil with.
Acting out the Tyrannosuarus Drip Story
Duckbills hooted, " Up with juicy water reeds."
T-Rex's shouted, "Down with rivers!!"
Comp stole an egg and ran away with it!
She dropped it in the T-Rex's nest!!
When the eggs hatched Mum and Dad were shocked!
Dad said "Give him some meat!"
After the storm the sisters saw water monsters!
Dad saw the monsters and  jumped into the air!
The bridge broke and the T-Rex's fell in!
The Duckbills hooted, "up with rivers and reeds!"

News flash!

This week our learning objective has been to read our writing back. This has helped us make our writing neater and check that what we are writing makes sense. To prove that we have achieved our learning objective the children wrote a news report about the egg that we found on our dinosaur hunt. The children then read this out, in front of a green screen, pretending to be news reporters. Have a look below at some of our ground breaking reports...

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

A special visitor

Friday 23rd January

What does he eat? What is his name? Where does he live?

Today we were lucky enough to meet a bearded dragon called Milo. One of our parents kindly brought Milo in to meet Year 1 as part of our dinosaur topic. We were able to ask questions about Milo and some of us stroked him, including Miss Oakley!

What does the bearded dragon eat?
What is his name?
Where does he live?
What does he feel like?
He is bumpy...
He is very smooth..
Making 'Steggy'

This is how we made our Stegosaurus.

First we made the cardboard structure.
Then we covered it in modroc.
It took a long time to cover it.
It was very messy!!
Then we painted it green.
After that we printed over it with darker green.
The finished 'Steggy'!

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