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Spring 1

Whoever heard of a vegetarian T-Rex?

Our story this half term is Tyrannosaurus Drip.


When a baby Duckbill dinosaur ends up in the Tyrannosaurus nest, he feels very out of place. And his gruesome new family with their great big jaws and bloodthirsty habits soon nickname him Drip. But this little dinosaur is not as weedy as he looks. In fact, he’s a real hero!


To listen to the story follow this link:


Our learning journey...


As a class we have discussed what we already know about dinosaurs and what we hope to learn. At the end of the topic we will look back at this and hopefully add to our list.


Today (16th January) we took on the role of different characters in the story to ask the questions that we wrote in yesterday's literacy lesson. We focused on answering the questions in full sentences.

"Why do you have long


"So I can stretch and grab things, like this..."

Take a look at our dinosaur park!

Our Dinosaur Hunt

On Tuesday 20th January we went on a dinosaur hunt. We had seen a photograph of a T-Rex outside of our school and wanted to see if it was real! We looked all around the school and found lots of clues. Have a look at the pictures below to see what we found.

"There's a dinosaur in the locker!"

"Look at the dinosaur footprints!"

"Quick, look... A clue!"

"Ewwww, dinosaur poo!"

"Oh no, dinosaur eggs have hatched!"

Our School Trip


On Wednesday 21st January Reception and Year 1 went on a trip to Liverpool Museum.  The children were all very well behaved and learnt lots about Dinosaurs. We also got the chance to look around the other exhibitions. It was a lovely day which left us all exhausted and ready for bed!

A Special Visitor


During our golden time we were very lucky to be visited by a different type of reptile... 

a bearded dragon named Milo. The children got the opportunity to ask questions, look at what it eats and look at the skin that it sheds. The children could choose if they wanted to stroke him and feel his skin, Miss Boyle wasn't brave enough!

News flash!


This week our learning objective has been to read our writing back. This has helped us make our writing neater and check that what we are writing makes sense. To prove that we have achieved our learning objective the children wrote a news report about the egg that we found on our dinosaur hunt. The children then read this out, in front of a green screen, pretending to be news reporters. Have a look below at some of our ground breaking reports...

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video
Can you make a dinosaur model?


Before half term we designed  a dinosaur and labelled it. Today (Monday 23rd) we made our dinosaurs using clay. When we had made them we evaluated our models saying something that is really good about them and how we could improve them.


What do dinosaurs eat?

Before half term the class wanted to find out what different dinosaurs ate. In our story we knew the T's ate meat and the Duckbills ate water weeds. Today (03/03) we found out what it looks like inside different dinosaur stomachs.


A carnivore eats meat.

A herbivore eats plants.

An omnivore is the greedy one, they eat meat and plants!

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