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Spring 2/ Summer 1 - Growing/Minibeasts - Aaaarrgghh, Spider! Once There were Giants - Celebrations

Aaaarrgghh, Spider

Would you like a pet spider? How would you feel if you saw a lonely spider hanging on the ceiling? Would your family be scared?


All this Spider wants is to be a family pet. But the family whose house he lives in are terrified of him. Whenever he tries to show them what a great pet he would make, they simply cry, 'Aaaarrgghh, Spider!'


What we know about bugs and what we want to find out...

As a class we had a think about what we know about bugs and what we would like to find out. As you can see we know some interesting facts and thought of some super questions. As we work our way through the topic we will hopefully be able to answer more and more of the questions.

We're going on a bug hunt...

Tuesday 17th March 2015

Today we went on a minibeast hunt around Mrs Brown’s garden. Before we set off on the minibeast hunt we had a think about what we might find on the hunt and where. We walked to Mrs Browns garden very sensibly and when we got there Mrs Brown read us a lovely poem about minibeasts and it gave us some ideas where to look! Then we had a look at the equipment and Mrs Brown showed us how to use the ‘bug catchers'. We searched in damp and dark places and found lots of minibeasts hiding.

We’re searching for some minibeasts,

There must be some or one at least!

We’ve seen their pictures in books,

Now I wonder where we shall look...?


Let’s look on a leaf...

Remember to look underneath.

We might find a caterpillar having its lunch,

There it is going munch, munch, munch!


Let’s look under a log pile...

It looks like its been there a long while.

We might find some woodlice in the wood all holey,

They’ve rolled into a ball, rolley, polley, rolley!

Thank you!

Year 1 would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Brown for letting us carry out our minibeast hunt in your garden.  We had a fantastic time and saw lots of insects.

Look at our brilliant work...

The teachers acted out the story...

Miss Henshall narrated the story. Miss Oakley was the spider, Miss Cochrane was the Mum, Mr Roberts was the Dad, Miss Boyle was the little girl and Mrs Clutton was the dog. Some of the children were the spider’s friends. Then we acted out Little Miss Muffet!


We had lots of fun (and the children did too!!)

Designing a habitat for a minibeast


Today we learnt that a habitat is a place where a living thing lives. Children worked together to discuss where different minibeasts live. Then we created a habitat using a variety of natural materials.


Have a look at the habitats we created...

Children's author, Kevin Price came to visit us...


"Meeting a real live author can increase children's interest in books, help them understand how books are produced and boost the confidence of any aspiring writers"

When Year 1 met the 'Bee Lady'...

23rd April 2015

Today a lady called Anne (known to Year 1 as the Bee lady) came to visit. We had great fun learning new facts and playing a buzzy bee game!

After our visit from the 'Bee Lady' we wrote what we had found out. Lots of us used interesting words such as; pollenaton, wind pollenation and insect pollenation.

Meet our caterpillars....

We have a cup of 5 caterpillars with all the nutritious food they need to grow into lovable Painted Lady Butterflies. We have named our caterpillars Max, Bella, Daisy, Justin and Snowflake. We promise to look after our new fury friends and we look forward to watching them turn in to beautiful butterflies. We received an information booklet with the caterpillars which we have studied.

We will keep a close eye on the caterpillars in class. If you would like to watch live footage click this link -


Meet our new friends -

2 weeks later...

We have been watching the caterpillars and as you can see from the photographs they have changed a lot over the past 2 weeks. They have been busy munching on food, shedding their skin and getting ready to turn in to chrysalides. Before they turn into chrysalides they make their way to the top of the pot and attach themselves to the thin paper layer. They then hang in a 'J' shape before hardening into chrysalides.

A video of a caterpillar turning into a chrysalis


Still image for this video


Friday 22nd May


Miss Oakleys and Miss Boyles chrysalides have turned into beautiful butterflies. It has been fascinating watching the butterflies emerge and break free from their chrysalides. Today we all went on the playground to give the butterflies the send off they deserve. We sang some of our caterpillar songs that we have been learning. We expected the butterflies to fly out of the net as soon as we opened it, but they were so content in their net, that we had to coax them out with flowers...

We finally got the butterflies out and we placed them safely in Linakers very own 'Bug House Hotel'
Aaaarrgghh Spider story -

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